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Donnery & Co Solicitors has been included on a panel of solicitors in Immigrant Council of Ireland and Migrant Rights Centre. We were also voted Immigration Law Firm of the year 2015 in the prestigious AI awards:


We provide advice and have experience in many areas of immigration law, including:

  • Visa applications
  • Asylum and repatriation
  • Rights and entitlements of family members of Irish and EU nationals
  • Naturalization and citizenship
  • Foreign birth registration process
  • Residency and naturalization applications (including applications on basis of marriage to an Irish or an EU citizen)
  • Work Permits
  • Spousal work permits
  • Green card applications
  • Long term residency
  • Applications to the authorities in relation to change of circumstances
  • Change of status, rights, entitlements of various categories of stamp holders
  • Immigrant investment schemes:

We have been successfully dealing with various immigrant investment
programmes and business visa applications and assist our clients throughout
the whole process: from the very initial application to submission to the
Department of Justice and in preparation of the applications. Certain
changes had been recently introduced to immigration legislation. There are a
number of immigration programmes available
at present which makes Ireland an attractive jurisdiction in terms of
immigration. These programms include:

a) business visa

b) Start-up Entrepreneur programme

c) A once off endowment of a minimum of €500,000 to a public project benefiting the arts, sports, health, culture or education. (The endowment figure is reduced to € 400,000 per person where 5 or more individuals pool their endowment for one appropriate project).

d) A minimum €500,000 aggregate investment into new or existing Irish businesses for a minimum of three years.

e) €500,000 invested in an approved fund. The funds will have to be regulated for the purpose of doing business in Ireland and the investments strategy of the fund must be compatible with the aims of the scheme.

f) Minimum € 1,000,000 investment in a special zero interest 5 year immigrant investor bond.

g) Mixed Investment. Investment in a residential property of minimum value of €450,000 and a straight investment of €500,000 into the immigrant investor bond, giving a minimum investment of €950,000.

We also advise on any temporary schemes introduced by the Department of Justice and Equality available to foreign nationals.

We approach each case individually and always trying to find the best solution to each situation. We also provide language assistance to certain categories of foreign nationals.

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